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Mission / Vision / School Motto

Campus Vision

We at Roque Guerra, Jr. Elementary hold high expectations for all students.

It is our vision to provide a child-centered environment where each child is successful.

We believe in participating actively in teaching and learning,

showing respect and taking responsibility for achieving our personal best.

We are committed to creating an atmosphere that fosters the individual child's growth.

Each child's highest potential will be reinforced and enhanced

by developing those skills necessary,

which prepares and encourages students to

"Believe, Achieve, Succeed" and be lifelong learners.


Campus Mission

The mission of Roque Guerra, Jr. Elementary School is to ensure

an optimum teaching and learning environment that sets high expectations and enables

all students to reach their maximum potential.

We will create an instructional program that will foster creativity,

build self-esteem, provide leadership opportunities and promote

high standards of academic achievment through curriculum integration of

technology and real world problem solving.

The faculty and staff of our school are committed to helping each student develop

intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally in a

positive, caring, supportive and safe school environment

so that each student can develop to their fullest potential and become a

contributing and productive member of society.

We pledge our commitment to combining the efforts from home,

community and school to implement a quality instructional program so that



School Motto