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Naida Perez

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!!!

          This year promises to be filled with a multitude of rewarding experiences for teachers and students alike.  Together we can help your child achieve great success and make this an exceptional school year at Roque Guerra, Jr. Elementary.  

      Students will be faced with new experiences, additional challenges, and high expectations.  As a team we can work together to assist your child with this transition.  I can assure you that our primary focus is to guarantee that your child recieve a quality education.  While on this note, I would like to share three goals that I have set for myself and for my students.  My first goal is to guide my students to become independent thinkers and life-long learners.  Students will be encouraged to propel themselves forward by taking initiative in their studies and other outside interests with the hope of creating inquisitive, young individuals that are eager to learn.  My second goal is to foster an environment  which promotes literacy.  Since I am a firm believer in reading for the joy of learning and expanding one’s knowledge, I strongly recommend that my students become frequent visitors to our school’s library and the public library. I would also like to encourage all parents to promote a strong reading awareness at home.  My third goal is to have every child be proud of his/her personal growth at the end of the school year with the condition that he/she always strives for excellence in everything they do.  

     Our journey may take us through mountains and valleys, but we have a destination in mind, a deadline to keep, and a reward that is awaiting all active participants. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us!